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Some Electronic Packing Tips

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This time tomorrow I will be at the airport. So I am down to my final steps, including making sure that I have all my electronic charging devices.

A bit of advice for anyone travelling from North America and wondering about how they will charge their devises; it is relatively simple. iPads, phones, computers and camera chargers can generally handle the higher overseas voltage. All that is necessary is to bring adapters to plug them into the wall outlets. (I am excluding things like hair dryers, which I cannot understand why you would bring anyway. Of course, my wife just gave me my special travelling haircut, using a number 1 attachment, which means I have basically no hair. I should be good for the next 4 weeks.)

One thing I learned from my 2011 Botswana trip is that I need a different plug adapter than the ones that claim to work in Southern Africa. A round three pin plug is required. Long ago when I lived in Botswana I understood that they were changing from the round plug to a square one. This never happened. And from what I have learned, Namibia still uses the round ones. All the adapters I have seen in Canada that are supposed to be good for Southern Africa are square. In reading someone’s blog for a packing list, they gave a link to the required adaptor on Amazon. So, on the chance that someone reading is planning a trip to the area, here is the link, South African Adaptor Plug

For Madagascar I had bought a fused universal adaptor which was supposed to protect against power fluctuations, which seemed to be a high probability there. It was compact and worked fine for the UK as well. I will bring it along as well. Here is a similar product Universal Adaptor.

Since I will be far from wall outlets for many days at a time, I need something to charge things in the car. Phones and iPads can be charged from the normal car power outlet, but camera batteries require an inverter to change the power from DC to AC. Karibu has promised me one. And being the only guest on my safari, I will always have first dibs for charging!

My main communication device is my iPad with a keyboard. I will use that for basic photo processing and updating the blog. I will type my notes each night and then do my posting when I get an internet connection. There might be several days in between connections, although I was pleasantly surprised at some of the places with internet in Madagascar.

I will be travelling with two cameras, both Nikon. I have been using my trusty Nikon D7000 since 2011. It has been to Botswana and Madagascar. I have added a Nikon D5600, which in some respects in a notch under the D7000, but because of technology advancements is in some ways more advanced, such as having a much bigger sensor. I bought it to have something that is lighter, so will use it when I am walking.

My main lens is a Sigma 18 x 200. And, since I will be not have to carry it everywhere, I am also bringing my Sigma 120 x 400, which I bought for my Botswana trip. It is great for wildlife. When I am in places like Etosha, I will be using both. The big lens for close ups of the animals and the smaller one to capture the landscapes. I will also bring a 35 mm prime lens.

Because this might seem kind of boring for you, I will throw in a couple of photographs of the place where I now live, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador. My Pouch Cove friends have seen all this, but maybe in the long run I can entice some people to come to our beautiful province.

The first shot is from an iceberg that visited us in 2014.


The other is a shot of the cove, taken later that year to capture the evening sky, specifically the reflection of the sunset, which was happening behind me. I took it in my back yard.


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Wow, what a view from your backyard! And how wonderful to have an iceberg drop by for a visit ;)

by ToonSarah

Yes. We fell in love with Newfoundland and especially that view on a one week vacation. We ended up buying the house and moving here.

by Bob Brink

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